The responsibilities of the Chief Engineer and his crew are described in the Safety Management Manual (SMM) in  SOP-GEN-002.  All forms needed by the Engineer can be found on the ShipNet Forms page.

Each Chief Engineer is required to post and sign his own standing orders.  The Engineering staff is also required to sign them..   These orders must state that all sight glass valves are to remain closed except while taking a tank reading.

Each Master is required to post and sign his own orders.  The Bridge Crew is also required to sign them.

Engineer’s Handover must be completed before the CE departs the vessel – even if the vessel is going into inactive mode.  If the vessel is going into or coming out of inactive/ layup status, you must also complete the Vessel Shutdown/ Startup Checklist.

The procedures for bunkering are described in SOP-GEN-008 and documented in order on the Bunkering Form.  Retain receipts with the Oil Record Book and Fuel Samples in a designated space until that fuel has been completely used.

Oil Record Books must be kept according to the regulations of the Flag State.  Vanuatu vessels are required to follow the specific directions in the Vanuatu issued Oil Record Book on board.