Food Handler Training

Galley Health and Safety is addressed in the SMM in SOP-GEN-2014D.

Anyone who handles food is required to have food safety training.  For cooks, this is part of their license.  Crewmen assigned as messmen must have a food handling certificate.  If not, this page contains online and in-house self study options to get that training.

Online training requires robust Internet access and a student code, which has to be requested at .  Upon completion, the student must scan and email the completion certificate to the same address to get credit.

If Internet access is limited, the in house self study program requires the student to print out a Food Handler Training Checklist and fill it out while watching the videos below.  You may have to pause the videos several times as the videos cover a lot of information in a short time.

The First Mate will review the completed worksheet, answer any questions the crewman may have, correct any information the crewman may have misunderstood and send a scan to  First Mates click here for more resources.

Basic Food Safety Videos
(These videos will play AUDIO ONLY in Firefox and Chrome.  Open with Edge or Internet Explorer for video):