Vanuatu Documents and Forms

Vanuatu Maritime Regulations

Vanuatu Maritime Act

A-7 Report of Vessel OfficersPort State Control Inspection Report
Vanuatu Report of Safety Inspections SI-MODU/MOUApplication for Seafarer Documents
Report of Personal Injury or Loss of Life (D-2)Report of Vessel Casualty (D-1)
Declaration of Designated Person (DPA)Declaration of Company Security Officer (CSO)
Declaration of MLC 2006 ComplianceIMO Report of Fire Casualty
Applications for Seafarer Documents (Vanuatu Endorsement)
*** These applications MUST be submitted directly to
Application for Seafarer Documents
Vanuatu Physical
Maritime Bulletins (** Maritime Bulletins #102 and #107 are obsolete)
101- EPIRBS103- Inspections- 2nd edition
104- Oil Record Books- 5th edition105- Acetylene- 2nd edition
106- ISM Code108- Legislation and Responsibilities
109- The New STCS Convention110- Maritime Security
111- Vanuatu Armed Guards Aboard Ships Policy112- The ILO Maritime Labor Convention 2006
113- Boiler/ Economizer Washdown114- Reporting of Port State Control Inspections and Detentions
115- Drug Testing116- Post Detention and Detention Prevention Program

Fleet Safety Letters relating to TDI operations

DateLetter #Topic
2017- July1070117.GENPost Inspection Letters
2017- Apr 11040717.GENRecognized Organizations
2016- Dec 072016-December-07Maritime Labor Convention ILO MLC 2006
2016- Oct 052016-October-05Electronic Certificates
2016- Oct 052016-October-05STCW 2010
2016- Aug 102016-August-10Record Retention (3 yrs)
2016- Jun 022016-June-01Medical Locker Guidelines
2016- May 252016-May-25Fire Fighting and Lifesaving Equipment Schedule
2015- May 282015-May-28thIndian Seafarer
2015- Mar 11031115.GENLow Sulfur Fuel Limits and ECAs
2015- Apr 17170415.GENEarly Implementation of SOLAS regs XI on atmosphere
2014- Feb 28022814.GENVision requirements for licensed engineering personnel
2014- Dec 09120914.GENUse of electronic certificates
2013- Sep092413.GENRequired Training and Drills on Vanuatu flagged vessels
2013- Nov110413.GENSecurity related training for seafarers under 2010 Manila
2013- May 13051513.GENApplication of MLC 2006 to vessels less than 1 ton ITC
2013- Mar 13031313.GENOccupational accidents, injuries and diseases affecting seafarers
2013- Jul071013.GENMedical reporting from media and drug testing requirements
2013- Jul072213.GENMARPOL Annex V and cargo residue discharge
2012- Oct 24Vessel detentions
2012- Oct 2408094.GENCRAs- Confirmation of Receipt Application for seafarers
2010- Jun 1010.0001Oil Record Book entries
2008- Oct 2208097.GENAdditional info required for LRIT
2008- May 08094.GENCRAs Confirmation of receipt applications
2008- Jan 1108093.GENSeafarer applications
2008- Aug 1208095.GENLRIT Long range ID and Tracking of ships
2006- Jun 2106086.GENGuidance on voluntary ship security self assessment
2006- Apr 2606085.GENNew SOLAS requirement for immersion suits
2005- Mar 1505079.GENRevised list of certificates and documents required to be carried aboard
2005- Mar 1505078.GENMedical report forms (MED1) and drug and alcohol testing policy
2004 Oct 2604073.GENEPIRB alerts, 24 hour emergency and other related issues
2004- Jun 2204068.GENISPS update
2004- Feb 0204065.GENTank entry hazard
2004- Aug 1104071.GENEnclosed space entry B IMO assembly Resolution A.864
2003- Oct03063.GENRegulatory update- security and the ISPS code
2003- Jun 2303061.GENRegulatory update- MARPOL Annex IV
2003- Feb 2603059.GENChanges in seafarer documentation application
2002- Oct 3002056.FVSResponsibilities, Seaworthiness and compliance
2002- Oct 3002055.GENRegulatory update
1999- Nov 399046.GENFraudulent licenses and other seafarer documents
1998- Mar 1198035.GENSTCW rest provisions and human fatigue on board ships