Core Training Packets

With the exception of three topics, all Core Safety Training is now computer based.  Management of Change, Lifting Gear and Permits still have to be done as packets.  The rest are done on the MTS SeaDrive training system.

The packets will still be posted here as backup training for third party vessels.  Read the Instructor Cheat Sheet for details.

TopicSign InQuizPowerPoint
Lifting Gear
Lifting Gear Sign in SheetLifting Gear QuizLifting Gear PowerPoint
Management of Change
Management of Change Sign in Sheet

"Do I Need an MOC?" Questions

Sample MOC for change in ops hours
Management of Change QuizManagement of Change PowerPoint
Permits Sign in SheetPermits QuizPermits PowerPoint
Confined Space
Confined Space Sign in SheetConfined Space QuizConfined Space PowerPoint
Hazard Communication GHS
Hazard Communication GHS Sign in Sheet

GHS HazCom Handout
Hazard Communication GHS QuizHazard Communication GHS PowerPoint
Hearing Conservation/ Noise Awareness
Hearing Conservation/ Noise Awareness Sign in SheetHearing Conservation/ Noise Awareness QuizHearing Conservation/ Noise Awareness PowerPoint
Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Sign in Sheet

JSA for Non-Permit Work

sample JSA for life boat launch
Job Safety Analysis (JSA) QuizJob Safety Analysis (JSA) PowerPoint
Risk Analysis / HAZIDRisk Analysis / HAZID Sign in SheetRisk Analysis / HAZID QuizRisk Analysis / HAZID PowerPoint
Vessel Crew Only- ILO MLC
(Seafarer's Rights)
Vessel Crew Only- ILO MLC Sign in SheetVessel Crew Only- ILO MLC QuizVessel Crew Only- ILO MLC PowerPoint
Master and Chief Engineer Only-
Oil Record Book
ORB Cheat Sheet (needed to complete Quiz)Master and Chief Engineer Only-
Oil Record Book Quiz
Master and Chief Engineer Only-
Oil Record Book PowerPoint