Notices of Change

NOC#DateTopicRev #
38508 March 2020Ch 12- Annual review of SMS not to exceed 12 months without exceptional circumstances1
38403 April 2020SMM completely overhauled0
38303 April 2020Master's Handover replaced with Bridge officer's HandoverApr 2020
38213 Nov 2019Director of Operations removed from DPA position#21
38113 Nov 2019DPA updated to Roy Robbins- save to Binder #2Nov 2019
38013 Nov 2019DPA updated to Roy Robbins- save to Binder #2Nov 2019
37913 Nov 2019DPA updated to Roy Robbins#11
37824 Sep 2019Engineer's Handover updated.
SOU reference removed, links updated
Sep 2019
37724 Sep 2019New Interim DPA identified#10
37614 Aug 2019Weekly Report Form updatedAug 2019
37514 Aug 2019MOC form simplified. duplicate info deletedAug 2019
37414 Aug 2019Confined spaces training updated#17
37314 Aug 2019CFR reference corrected for not conducting fire and abandon ship drills together#14
37214 Aug 2019Confined Space Permit- gas tester readings removedAug 2019
37114 Aug 2019New steps added to medevac procedure#12
37014 Aug 2018Section added to supervisor incident report form for ISOS case number and callsAug 2018
36914 Aug 2018Guidance on when to call ISOS for medical advice#2
36814 Aug 2018Logistics Coordinator position added to key positions#20
36714 Aug 2018New SOP for Journey Management#1
36625 Apr 2018Ch 9- Corrective action plans to be approved within 30 days- not just submitted to DPA#11
36525 Apr 2018SOP-GEN-012A- Management of Change applies to shore ops as well as vessels#17
36425 Apr 2018SOP-GEN-008E- External agencies contact information updated#15
36325 Apr 2018Ch 12- Responsibilities clarified, redundant info deleted#10
36225 Apr 2018Ch 3- Staffing Mgrs responsible for licenses and qualifications. Vessel Systems Mgr responsible for internal training#19
36125 Apr 2018Ch 14 JSAa corrected to JSA's and PPE is in Ch 13, not Ch 7#22
36025 Apr 2018Ch 13- Hearing protection training not just computer based#3
35925 Apr 2018Ch 6- Crewing Mgr and Technical mgr titles updated to Staffing mgrs- Technical and Maritime#18
35825 Apr 2018Ch 4- Multiple references to Port Captain deleted#9
35725 Apr 2018Ch 9- Corrective action plans to be approved within 30 days- not just submitted to DPA#10
35625 Apr 2018SOP-GEN-2016B- PRT Deck generator can carry full load of main generator#4
35515 Jan 2018SOP-GEN-007U- Added doghouse/ winch control room roof to required working at heights lists#13
35415 Jan 2018Ship Position Report- Engine RPMs added to formJan 2018
35315 Jan 2018SOP-BMC-007Q- Gyro removed from BMC resart list- not on board#6
35215 Jan 2018Master's Handover- Brooks McCall specific Master's Handover developed- excluded international itemsJan 2018
35127 Dec 2017 SOP-GEN-011B- TDI defines what we consider high voltage and what precautions we take.#2
35027 Dec 2017 SOP-GEN-007G-Only Category 1 space requires chemist cert to enter space. Crew uses oxygen test for Category 2 spaces#16
34927 Dec 2017Bunkering form- JSA added to Bunkering FormDec 2017
34820 Dec 2017SOP-GEN-2017A- First Mate as HSE Officer to conduct Medical Review Meeting with medic and enter into NS5 Quality and Compliance module as a meeting#1
34720 Dec 2017SOP-GEN-2017A- Disposal of medical waste addressed in a new medical care SOP#1
34620 Dec 2017SOP-GEN-2017A- Medical care SOP created#1
34520 Dec 2017SOP-GEN-2015D- Sec's 6.1 and 6.2, Medic, definitions of first aid and recordables moved to new Medical Care SOP#2
34420 Dec 2017Ch 13- Medical care section moved to new SOP-GEN-2017A#2
34320 Dec 2017SOP-GEN-008B- Illness and non-urgent care moved to new SOP-GEN-2017A#11
34220 Dec 2017SOP-GEN-2015B- Record retention changed from 2 to 3 years to meet Vanuatu requirements#2
34122 Jun 2017Ch 6- Master not responsible for hiring crew in foreign ports#16
34022 Jun 2017Ch 5- Master’s Responsibility with regard to verification of
crew docs and qualifications clarified
33922 Jun 2017Master's Handover- Sect 7(a) verification of crew docs removed- covered in Pre-Departure ChecklistJune 2017
33807 Jun 2017SOP-GEN-2012A- Do I need an MOC Questions created#16
33709 May 2017Ch 14- HAZID valid for the duration of the project#21
33616 Mar 2017Ch 14- HSE planning applies to all projects#20
33531 Jan 2017Ch 14- New section for training added#19
33431 Jan 2017SOP-GEN-007U- Ladder safety guidelines added#12
33331 Jan 2017SOP_GEN-007G- GX removed from Confined Spaces Register#15
33231 Jan 2017Permits- GX removed from permitsJan 2017
33131 Jan 2017SOPs specific to GeoExplorer delted- vessel sold--
33005 Oct 2016 Permits- permits updated with oxygen testing, confined space specificsSep 2016
32905 Oct 2016Ch 11- Record retention times updated from 2 years to 3 years to meet Vanuatu requirement#15
32805 Oct 2016Ch 8- Confined space drill corrected to monthly#13
32705 Oct 2016SO-GEN-2016B- Mosquitos borne illness SOP created#1
32605 Oct 2016Ch 13- General policies moved here, new policies added: medical care, resuppply hand carry, noise awareness#1
32505 Oct 2016Ch 2- General policies moved to chapter 13#19
32411 Aug 2016Ch 11- Procedures for updating controlled documents described in more detail#14
32311 Aug 2016SOP-GEN-007L- A person involved in an incident may not investigate the incident#3
32211 Aug 2016SOP-PRT-2016B- Critical equipment spares added#3
32111 Aug 2016SOP-GEN-2016A- Handovers to be signed by both relieving crew and onsigners#2
32011 Aug 2016Master's Reviews added to reporting requirements and hiring foreign crew removed#13
31918 Jul 2016SOP-GEN007G- Rylan T references removed. Entry and rescue drills and training added#2
31818 Jul 2016SOP-BMC-2016C- Stand by rescuer position added to team positions#14
31705 May 2016Vessel Orientation forms- Port Captain removed and ILO MLC complaint representative added to crew orientationMay 2016
31605 May 2016Ch 8- Confined space entry and rescue drills added to drills calendar#12
31505 May 2016SOP-GEN-008E- Error fixed#17
31405 May 2016SOP-GEN-008B- Urgent medical treament clarified. Vessel Medical Emergency plan introduced#10
31302 Mar 2016SOP-GEN-007A-Procedure for turning AIS off at dock#14
31202 Mar 2016SOP-PRT-2016B- Throttle controls added to standby critical equipment#2
31102 Mar 2016SOP-GEN-007X- Winch/ Crane load test certs to be emailed to
31002 Mar 2016SOP-GEN-2015C- Load bearing welds must be load tested efore use, load cert issued and placed in lift gear register and pdf attached to NS5 WO and emailed to
30916 Feb 2016 SOP-GEN-2015A- BMC as non SOLAS vessel does not have to track STCW hrs.#2
30816 Feb 2016 SOP-BMC-2016C-Confined spaces procedures rewritten specificlly for US flag vessel BMC#1
30716 Feb 2016 SOP-BMC-007R- Sec 3.4- A/C ops do not apply to BMC#6
30616 Feb 2016 SOP-GEN-011E- Add to Sec 7 not to store respirators in paint lockers#6
30516 Feb 2016 SOP-BMC-2016B-Critical equipment corrected for BMC#2
30416 Feb 2016SOP-GYRE-007O- Need to add restart instructions for GMDSS power supply and VSAT and Sailor systems#8
30316 Feb 2016 SOP-GYRE-007P- KPilot added as new navigation program- needs to be added to SMM with updated instructions#7
30216 Feb 2016 SOP-GEN-007M- No trash or debris overboard at any time. #9
30116 Feb 2016Ch 11- Required pubs updated and obsolete docs procedure added#13
30016 Feb 2016 Ch 3- Names removed and staffing managers positions added#18
29919 Jan 2016SOP-PRT-2016B- Proteus critical equipment list#1
29819 Jan 2016SOP-GYRE-2016B- Gyre critical equipment list#1
29719 Jan 2016SOP-GEO-2016B- GeoExplorer critical equipment list#1
29619 Jan 2016SOP-BMC-2016B- Brooks McCall critical equipment list#1
29519 Jan 2016Ch 10- Critical equipment chapter revised to reflect ISM code. Each vessel to have a specific critical equipment list#16
29414 Jan 2016SOP-GEN-007X- Contents of Gen 010A added#8
29314 Jan 2016SOP-GEN-2010A- Deleted and cobined with SOP-GEN-007X--
29214 Jan 2016SOP-GEN-013A- Lifting gear responsibilities and Lift gear Register sections updated by Lift Gear Manager#5
29114 Jan 2016Risk Reviews- Dates and WO# of Monthly sanitation inspections addedJan 2016
29014 Jan 2016Weekly Reports- Drills added, galley inspections updated, only send the findings sheet for Galley InspectionJan 2016
28914 Jan 2016Voyage Plan- New address added and estimated consumed section deletedJan 2016
28814 Jan 2016Bunkering Checklist- New Unified Bunkering form includes all required steps and forms in correct order to facilitate ease of use- No Smoking added to list per Master reviewJan 2016
28714 Jan 2016SOP-GEN-007S- Bunkering SOP updated#8
28614 Jan 2016Master's Handover- Crew Evaluation completion and submission added to HO. Port Captain and Rylan T removedJan 2016
28514 Jan 2016SOP-GEN-2016A- Crew Management SOP created, formalizes crew evaluation process#1
28414 Jan 2016Ch 5- Sec 2 bullet 3 "safe access to vessel" clarified. Specific reference to US mariners removed, reference to ship web pages updated#12
28314 Jan 2016SOP-GEN-2014D- Add ISPS to be followed receiving provisions. Level of scrutiny appropriate to current MARSEC level#3
28215 Dec 2015Ch 6- Crewing responsibilities clarified, survival at sea requirements clarified#16
28115 Dec 2015Ch 1- Reference to ISM 2010 and unnecessary summary history of ISM removed#10
28015 Dec 2015Ch 13- Deleted. Not needed#7
27912 Nov 2015New HSE KPI stats added to weekly reportsNov 2015
27812 Nov 2015Ch 12- Chapter name changed to match ISM code. Contractor section moved to new SOP#18
27712 Nov 2015SOP-GEN-2013B- Contractor section shortened. SDS maintenance is responsibility of First Mate#5
27612 Nov 2015SOP-GEN-2015D- Contractor SOP created#1
27512 Nov 2015SOP-GEN-2014C- HSE Officer updated.
Medic and recordables section moved to contractor SOP.
27414 Oct 2015Ch 3- HSE restructured- Mate is full time HSE Officer. Port Captain removed#17
27314 Oct 2015SOP-GEN-008B- SOP rewritten to provide clear instruction for medevac when no project specific plan appplies#1
27214 Oct 2015SOP-GEN-007L- Incident reporting chart created as a quick reference for vessel personnel#16
27114 Oct 2015SOP-GEN-2015C- SOPs for hot work and welding combined#9
27014 Sep 2015Ch 2- HSE Statement updated to emphasize team approach#17
26904 Sep 2015SOP-GEN-008A, C, D & F- Deleted- redundant to info in Ch 8.--
26804 Sep 2015Ch 8 - Emergency preparedness and drill consolidated in this chapter, redundant SOPs deleted#11
26704 Sep 2015SOP-VAN-2014A- SOP deleted--
26604 Sep 2015SOP-GEN-007L- Reporting of incidents to flag states and other authorities is the responsibility of the DPA#15
26530 Jul 2015SOP-GEN-006A, 006B, 006C- all deleted and incorporated into Ch 6--
26430 Jul 2015Ch 6- Complete revision and update#15
26330 Jul 2015SOP-GEN-007M- TDI to use only gel filled seismic streamers#8
26230 Jul 2015SOP-GEN-007B- Antiquated SOP deleted--
26116 Jul 2015SOP-GEN-008D- Survival at sea requirement for all on board removed#7
26016 Jul 2015SOP-GEN-007K- HazMat SOP deleted- does not apply to our ops--
25916 Jul 2015SOP-GEN-2013B- removed redundant material added references#4
25816 Jul 2015Ch 7- Secs 9-10- details referred to other SOPs#19
25717 Jun 2015All permits- Vessel Rylan T removedJune 2015
25617 Jun 2015Working at Heights permit- PPE added- work over water requires work vestJune 2015
25517 Jun 2015SOP-GEN-007U- Designated areas that require for fall protection added. Crane ops do not require fall protection#11
25426 May 2015Ch 14- entire chapter updated#18
25326 May 2015SOP-GEN-2014D- Required training for food handlers and cooks clarified#2
25226 May 2015SOP-GEN-007Y- revised to match current practices#7
25113 May 2015QMI Checklist- summary page addedv. 4
25013 May 2015SOP-GEN-007L- OSHA reporting reequirements updated#14
24913 May 2015All engineers to complete training and Statement of Understanding (SOU) within 30 days of joining the vesselMay 2015
24813 May 2015Eng's Handover now includes reference to SOUMay 2015 v. 5
24709 Apr 2015Ch 10- Reference to Rylan T removed#15
24609 Apr 2015SOP-RTY-007N, 007O, 007P and 007Q- Vessel specific SOPs for Rylant T deleted--
24509 Apr 2015Ch 3- Reference to ship's drawings removed. #16
24409 Apr 2015SOP-GEN-011E- Half face respirator use addressed#5
24309 Apr 2015Galley Inspection Checklist- Replaces "Food Sanitation Inspections Checklist"April 2015
24209 Apr 2015SOP-GEN-007E- Engineering staff to assist Chief Engineer as directed#8
24112 Feb 2015SOP-GEN-2015B- New SOP developed for ILO MLC complaint procedures#1
24030 Jan 2015Ch3-Quality Rep position removed#15
23930 Jan 2015Ch 11- Retention time for docs on ships is 2 years#12
23830 Jan 2015SOP-GEN-2015A- New SOP details Watchkeeper rest hours#1
23730 Jan 2015Ch 7- revised to explain reporting requirements for STCW work/ rest hours#18
23616 Jan 2015SOP-GEN-007A- Master responsible for safe access- means gangway#13
23516 Jan 2015Ch5- Master responsible for safe access
to the vessel-means gangway
23416 Jan 2015Ch 7 - Daily temperature log to be maintained for fridge and freezer#17
23316 Jan 2015Ch 6- Voyage planning, chart corrections and pre-sail checklist added to second mate's duties#14
23216 Jan 2015SOP-GEN-007G- Confined spaces corrected#13
23116 Jan 2015Bunkering Checklist- required signatures clarified#6 Jan 2015
23016 Jan 2015SOP-GEN-008B- Vessel call signs and contact info updated#8
22916 Jan 2015Ch 10- BMC and GX critical equipment updated#14
22816 Jan 2015Ch 3- Flag states updated to include Vanuatu#15
22708 Jan 2015SOP-GEN-2014C- Medical policy review sheet for medic created#2
22608 Jan 2015Vessel orientation checklists - all persons to obey posted signageJan 2015
22508 Jan 2015SOP-GEN-007A- each master to sign his own standing orders#12
22408 Jan 2015SOP-GEN-012B- New section on sub-contractors added- Sec 7#7
22318 Dec 2014SOP-GEN-008E- Vanuatu emergency contact info added#13
22218 Dec 2014SOP-GEN-007E- Oil Record Books to be maintained according to flag state requirements#7
22118 Dec 2014Employee Assistant Program, Supervisors must have 60 mins drug and alcohol training#16
22018 Dec 2014SOP-GEN-2014A- Incidents requiring immediate report to Vanuatu (VMB114)#2
21918 Dec 2014SOP-GEN-007G- JSAs for non permit confined space vs permit required space#12
21817 Nov 2014Voyage Plan- stability verified added to checklistNov 2014
21717 Nov 2014Ship Position Report- current status options "underway" or "at work site"Nov 2014
21614 Nov 2014SOP-GEN-2014D- New SOP for galley health and safety#1
21514 Nov 2014SOP-PRT-007O- Ballast tanks to be sounded before each departure and noted in ship's log#2
21414 Nov 2014SOP-RYT-007O- Ballast tanks to be sounded before each departure and noted in ship's log#8
21314 Nov 2014SOP-GYRE-007O- Ballast tanks to be sounded before each departure and noted in ship's log#7
21214 Nov 2014SOP-GX-007O- Ballast tanks to be sounded before each departure and noted in ship's log#7
21114 Nov 2014SOP-BMC-007O- Ballast tanks to be sounded before each departure and noted in ship's log#7
21030 Oct 2014Working at Heights permit- workers must have computer based work at heights training before workingOct 2014
20930 Oct 2014Confined Space Permit reintroducedOct 2014
20830 Oct 2014SOP-GEN-2012B- Confined space permit must be signed by both master and chief engineer#6
20730 Oct 2014SOP-GEN-007G- Confined Space entry SOP completely revised#11
20626 Sep 2014Ch9- Chapter revised to reflect current practices#10
20508 Sep 2014SOP-GEN-006C- Crew and non-crew that have been off the vessel more than 6 months required to have refresher vessel orientation#9
20408 Sep 2014SOP-GEN-006B- Crew and non-crew that have been off the vessel more than 6 months required to have refresher vessel orientation#9
20308 Sep 2014Ch 2- Company HSE statement changed#15
20208 Sep 2014SOP-GEN-008E- Emergency response chapter completely revised to follow NIMS#12
20128 Jul 2014SOP-GEN-0011E- Asbestos related work requires Management of Change and approval of DPA and Port Engineer#4
20028 Jul 2014SOP-GEN-2014C- New SOP for HSE Officer#1
19903 Jul 2014SOP-GEN-012A- Incorrect references removed#15
19803 Jul 2014SOP-GEN-007I- Reference to combination locks removed#9
19701 May 2014SOP-GEN-012B- Reference to confined space removed#5
19601 May 2014Ch 6- References to Vessel Managers removed#13
19501 May 2014Ch 3- DER position updated#14
19411 Apr 2014SOP-GEN-007D- Cheif Engineer to post and sign his own standing orders. Engineer crew to sign also.#9
19308 Apr 2014SOP-GEN-013A- Definition of lifting gear added, annual inspection by qualified rigger#4
19208 Apr 2014SOP-GEN-007T- CFR reference corrected#7
19108 Apr 2014SOP-GEN-011E- Respiratory protection section updated#3
19008 Apr 2014SOP-GEN-007G- Confined spaces identified on all TDI vessels#10
18908 Apr 2014SOP-GEN-007J- site of hot work must be checked 30 minutes after hot work ceases#11
18808 Apr 2014SOP-GEN-2014B- New Bloodborne pathogens SOP created#1
18708 Apr 2014Ch 2- Bloodborne pathogens moved to its own SOP#14
18604 Apr 2014TDI Voyage Plan- new revision updated on SMM Forms Only pageApril 2014
18504 Apr 2014Ship Position Report- new revision updated on SMM Forms Only pageApril 2014
18404 Apr 2014SOP-GEN-007A- STCW work hours will comply wiht current regulations#11
18304 Apr 2014SOP-GEN-007A- Ship voyage plan clarified, Ship position report required daily#11
18204 Apr 2014SOP-GEN-007A- Ship security plan to be approved by the appropriate Flag State#11
18104 Apr 2014SOP-GEN-007F- Director of IT is responsible for vessel communications#9
18004 Apr 2014SOP-GEN-007F- Ship Position Reports required daily#9
17928 Mar 2014Ch 11- Vanuatu required publications added#1
17828 Mar 2014SOP-VAN-2014A- New incident reporting SOP created for Vanuatu flag vessels#1
17728 Mar 2014SOP-GEN-007L- These reporting procedures for US flag vessels only#12
17628 Mar 2014Ch 2- Drug and alcohol policy now includes Vanuatu regulations#13
17528 Mar 2014SOP-GEN-006A- Vanuatu requirements added to crewing and safe manning#9
17428 Mar 2014Ch 10- New section added to identify critical equipment for Proteus#13
17328 Mar 2014SOP-PRT-007R- Auxiliary Plant Operations SOP created for the Proteus#1
17228 Mar 2014SOP-PRT-007Q- Equipment to Reset After Power Loss SOP created for the Proteus#1
17128 Mar 2014SOP-PRT-007P- Loss of Steering SOP created for the Proteus#1
17028 Mar 2014SOP-PRT-007O- Bilge and Ballast Handling Operations SOP created for the Proteus#1
16928 Mar 2014SOP-PRT-007N- Ballast Water Management Plan SOP created for the Proteus#1
16819 Feb 2014Ch4- DPA updated#8
16712 Feb 2014SOP-GEN-007K- References to Hazcom program updated#9
16612 Feb 2014Vessel Orientation Forms HSE information updatedFeb 2014
16512 Feb 2014Ch 2- No lone deck work#12
16430 Jan 2014 Management of Change (MOC) forms combined and updatedJan 2014
16320 Dec 2013SOP-GEN-013A- Lifting gear SOP completely revised.#3
16211 Dec 2013Vessel Orientation forms- DPA updated--
16111 Dec 2013SOP-GEN-007U- ladder rungs to be uniformly spaced#10
16011 Dec 2013SOP-GEN-007L- Times to notify client and regulatory agency added. Evidence to be preserved.#12
15911 Dec 2013Ch 14- When hazard ID process is used#17
15811 Dec 2013SOP-GEN-011C- When using power tools, guards must be in place and worker must wear ppe#2
15711 Dec 2013SOP-GEN-012A- Management chart of MOC removed#14
15611 Dec 2013Permits- modified to remove confined spaces--
15511 Dec 2013Ch 7- Reference to confined space modified#15
15425 Oct 2013High pressure air for seismic ops added to Boat Crew Vessel Orientation List--
15325 Oct 2013Ch 3- Personnel reporting structure revised (new org chart)#13
15225 Oct 2013Ch 3- New DPA assigned#13
15126 Jul 2013Ch 7- PPE provided at no cost to the employee#14
15026 Jul 2013Ch 3- Key positions updated with titles and names#12
14926 Jul 2013SOP-GEN-011E- reference to confined space rescue deleted#2
14805 Jun 2013#4
14705 Jun 2013#2
14601 Jun 2013SOP-GEN-013A- Damaged lift gear to be painted red and stored below decks#2
14501 Jun 2013SOP-GEN-008E- Updates to office address#11
14401 Jun 2013Ch 3- Updates to office address#11
14325 Apr 2013SOP-GEN-013B- HazCom program completely revised#3
14205 Apr 2013SOP-GEN-007L- New incident reporting forms created#11
14105 Apr 2013SOP-GEN-007F- Communications SOP updated#8
14005 Apr 2013SOP-GEN-012B- Work at heights definition changed#3
13905 Apr 2013SOP-GEN-007L Where to put incident investigation in NS5#11
13805 Apr 2013SOP-GEN-008FCFR references added regarding drills to be entered in ship's log#9
13705 Apr 2013Ch 6- Project Manager references deleted#12
13605 Apr 2013Ch 5- Master to verify original docs and current fit for duty documents for crewmen#10
13505 Apr 2013SOP-GEN-013A- New SOP for Lifting Gear#1
13413 Mar 2013SOP-GEN-008E-Office addresses updated#10
13313 Mar 2013Ch 9- Reference to incident form removed#9
13213 Mar 2013Ch 8- Fire drill to be held within 24 hours of sailing#9
13113 Mar 2013SOP-GEN-008F- Fire drill to be held within 24 hours of sailing#9
13013 Mar 2013SOP-GEN-012B- Change of shift permit and JSA procedures added#2
12913 Mar 2013SOP-RYT-007R#7
12813 Mar 2013Ch 10- Two generators to be online during restricted maneuvering situations on the Rylan T#12
12713 Mar 2013SOP-GEN-007A- 500 meter zone entry checklist reference added#10
12613 Mar 2013Ch 7- STCW hours amended to meet change in regulation#13
12506 Feb 2013,a href="">SOP-GEN-007M- All overboard discharge valves to remain secured and locked in closed position in specific circumstances#7
12429 Oct 2012Numbering error- no SOP
12324 Oct 2012SOP-GEN-012B- New SOP for Permit to Work System#1
12224 Oct 2012SOP-GEN-006B- Permit to work system and environmental policy added to crew orientation checklist#7
12124 Oct 2012SOP-GEN-008E- Incident Secretary changed to Kathleen Nease with Megan Brooks as alternatet#9
12024 Oct 2012SOP-GEN-007D- Chief Engineer's standing orders must include statement that all sight valves are to remaine closed except during a tank reading#8
11924 Oct 2012SOP-GEN-007D- Chief Engineer responsibilities updated#8
11812 Oct 2012SOP-RYT-007N- Master to monitor stability if vessel should conduct ballasting procedures#8
11712 Oct 2012SOP-BMC-007N- Master to monitor stability if vessel should conduct ballasting procedures#7
11612 Oct 2012SOP-GYRE-007N- Master to monitor stability if vessel should conduct ballasting procedures#7
11512 Oct 2012SOP-GEO-007N- Master to monitor stability if vessel should conduct ballasting procedures#7
11412 Oct 2012Ch 10- Maintenance standard of vessels include Class, Load Line and USCG requirements#10
11312 Oct 2012SOP-GEN-007I- Any CG-2692 forms submitted to the US Coast Guard are to be immediately copied to the company president, Port Captain and Complaince Officer as soon as possible#10
11224 Sep 2012Ch 3- Key positions clarified and required competencies established#10
11124 Sep 2012Ch 10- Reporting process for major repairs described#11
11024 Sep 2012Ch 14- Management of Change procedures moved to new SOP-GEN-012A#16
10924 Sep 2012SOP-GEN-008A- Fire drills conducted according to 46 CFR Part 131.535- every two weeks, no later than 24 hours after departing port, but not immediately before or after abandon ship drill#8
10824 Sep 2012Ch 8- Fire drills conducted according to 46 CFR Part 131.535- every two weeks, no later than 24 hours after departing port, but not immediately before or after abandon ship drill#8
10707 Sep 2012Ch 10- Entire chapter rewritten#10
10605 Sep 2012SOP-GEN-012A- Management of Change procedures established#13
10505 Sep 2012SOP-GYRE-007O- Reference to ballast water management plan logbook removed.#6
10405 Sep 2012SOP-GEO-007O- Reference to ballast water management plan logbook removed.#6
10305 Sep 2012SOP-BMC-007O- Reference to ballast water management plan logbook removed.#6
10205 Sep 2012SOP-RYT-007O- Reference to ballast water management plan logbook removed.#7
10105 Sep 2012SOP-RYT-007N- If seawater ballast is taken on board, record of ballast operations will be logged in the bridge log book#7
10005 Sep 2012SOP-GYRE-007N- If seawater ballast is taken on board, record of ballast operations will be logged in the bridge log book#6
9905 Sep 2012SOP-GEO-007N- If seawater ballast is taken on board, record of ballast operations will be logged in the bridge log book#6
9805 Sep 2012SOP-BMC-007N- If seawater ballast is taken on board, record of ballast operations will be logged in the bridge log book#6
9727 Aug 2012Ch 2- All employees are required to sign a drug and alcohol release form as a condition of employment#11
9613 Aug 2012SOP-GEN-007L- Incident, accident and near miss defined for TDI purposes#9
9513 Aug 2012Ch 7- Required use of predeparture stamp including stability check#12
9413 Aug 2012Ch 10- Vessels maintained according to class, load line and uscg requirements#10
9314 May 2012SOP-GEN-006C- Non crew may be oriented within 12 hrs or prior to sailing#8
9214 May 2012SOP-GEN-006B- Non crew may be oriented within 12 hrs or prior to sailing#8
9114 May 2012SOP-GEN-006A- Manning requirements may come from COI#8
9014 May 2012Ch 13- Responsibility for ISM docs and cert compliance reassigned#7
8914 May 2012Ch 10- Reference to central CPP on GX removed#8
8814 May 2012SOP-GEN-008C-Restrictions of launching rescue boat in protected waters removed. Reference to Morse Code for letter "O" clarified#8
8714 May 2012Ch 14- Management of Change form added to SMM Forms only page#15
8614 May 2012SOP-GEN-007H- If rescue is delayed and if possible, set up a portable blower in the confined space#8
8514 May 2012Ch 5- Master to conduct periodic sanitary inspections and lenter into ship's log book#9
8403 May 2012SOP-GEN-008E- ERT Team Leader responsible for notifying insurance carriers after a major accident. Incident secretary and Human resources Associate corrected to Gail Mills, Controller#9
8303 May 2012Ch 6- Chief Mate is designated Ship Safety Officer with additional duties#11
8203 May 2012SOP-GEN-007L- The person leading the investigation cannot be connected to the incident#8
8103 May 2012SOP-GEN-007I- added definitions of incidents requiring USCG Form 2692B#9
8003 May 2012SOP-GEN-007A- Minimum keel clearance for vessels added to bridge procedures#9
7903 May 2012Ch 2- Employees may be expected to take drug tests before employment and randomly thereafter#10
7803 May 2012Ch 6- Instead of medical every two years, crew to follow flag and state requirements#10
7703 May 2012Ch 9- Preventative action now required for all non-conformities#8
7603 May 2012Ch 3- The position of Quality Management Representative has been added to Key Positions#9
7503 May 2012Ch2- Reasonable cause testing form required to be filled out by supervisor requiring the testing and cannot be collected by same supervisor#9
7403 May 2012SOP-GEN-007H- Any confined space rescue to be entered as an incident in NS5#7
7303 May 2012SOP-GEN-007U- All permits require two signatures to be valid. Work at Heights to be signed by Master or Mate#9
7203 May 2012SOP-GEN-007J- All permits require two signatures to be valid#10
7103 May 2012SOP-GEN-007I- All permits require two signatures to be valid#8
7003 May 2012SOP-GEN-007G- All permits require two signatures to be valid#8
6903 May 2012Ch 1- Working language of all vessels is English#9
6803 May 2012Ch 7- Stability test to be conducted by third party#10
6715 Oct 2011SOP-GEO-007P- Loss of steering for GX- switch mode to Follow Up#6
6615 Oct 2011SOP-GEN-007F- Communications System Constraints#7
6515 Oct 2011Ch 7- MSDS binder to be kept in a central location#10
6422 Sep 2011Ch 12- DPA to send summary of Masters' Reviews to fleet annually#9
6324 Aug 2011Ch 14- Stop Work authority and ppe requirements#14
6219 Aug 2011Ch 10- Critical equipment for Brooks McCall added#8
6112 Aug 2011Ch 7- Vaccinations not required for cook- deleted#9
6012 Aug 2011Ch 3- HSE Manager updated from Russel Putt to James Howell#8
5912 Aug 2011Ch 2- Move HSE statement to Section 3- goal of zero harm to personnel or environment, zero accidents added#8
5823 Jun 2011Ch 2- Procedures for drug testing in the field#7
5716 Jun 2011SOP-GEN-007A- Do not use offshore installations as waypoints in navigation#8
5603 Jun 2011SOP-GEN-007X- Crane and winch operations updated with API criteria and pre-use inspection required#7
5503 Jun 2011SOP-GEN-006C- Vessel orientation forms moved to SMM Forms Only section of SMM#7
5403 Jun 2011SOP-GEN-006B- Old orientation form removed from SOP#8
5303 Jun 2011SOP-GEN-007K- Unidentified Chemical Procedure explained#8
5225 May 2011SOP-GEN-008F- Timeline edits to some drills revised#8
5125 May 2011SOP-GEN-008E- updates to positions and checklists#8
5020 May 2011SOP-GEN-011E- Respiratory Protection SOP created#1
4920 May 2011Ch 2- Subcontractor performance evaluation, qualification and audit of their safety systems#7
4820 May 2011SOP-GEN-011D- Adds guidelines for safe use, storage and inspection of compressed gas cylinders#1
4720 May 2011SOP-GEN-011C- Adds maintenance inspection system for portable electrical equipment fleet wide#1
4620 May 2011SOP-GEN-011B- Electrical Safety SOP created#1
4520 May 2011Ch 2- section added to address bloodborne pathogens anduniversal precautions#8
4420 May 2011Ch 7- OSHA and ANSI references for PPE added#8
4302 May 2011Ch 8- Sentance stating FRB can only be launched in port deleted#6
4202 May 2011SOP-GEN-011A- Gas Tester Procedures SOP created#1
4102 May 2011SOP-GEN010A- SOP references corrected#6
4002 May 2011SOP-BMC-007P- reference to ship's wheel removed- no wheel on this boat#7
3902 May 2011SOP-GYRE-007Q-bridge crew responsible for restart of radars and gyro systems after power loss#6
3802 May 2011SOP-GEN-008F- Sample loss of steering drill added to SOP#7
3702 May 2011SOP-GEN-008C- SOP references corrected#7
3602 May 2011SOP-GEN-008B- medevac emergency contact- SOP references corrected#7
3502 May 2011SOP-GEN-008A- Fire/ explosion procedures separated from priorities list#7
3402 May 2011SOP-GEN-007J- Hot work permits must be signed/ approved by chief engineer or port engineer#7
3302 May 2011SOP-GEN-007G- Confined space entry issues#7
3202 May 2011SOP-GEN-007D- Chief engineer's standing orders to be signed by current eng rm crew and posted in engine room#7
3102 May 2011SOP-GEN-007A- stowaway and fire drill procedures clarified by master's reviews#7
3002 May 2011Ch 10- in restricted maneuvering situation, 2 generators should be online#7
2902 May 2011Ch 7- Hot work permits to be filed on bridge- not engineer's room. Electronic STCW work hours acceptable.#7
2802 May 2011Ch 6- references in chapter corrected/ updated#9
2702 May 2011Ch 5- section 3 modified to include SOPEP or NTVRP plans#7
2622 Apr 2011Ch 14- Risk assessment chapter moved from HSE manual to Safety Management Manual#13
2525 Feb 2011Ch 11- Procedures updated to match new electronic format of SMM#9
249 Feb 2011SOP-GEN-006C- HSE officer and location and purpose of SOLAS training manual added to crew orientation forms#7
239 Feb 2011SOP-GEN-008E- Report required after drills as well as crises#7
229 Feb 2011Ch 14- reference to HSE manual removed#8
219 Feb 2011Ch 5- Master's Review form created#7
209 Feb 2011Ch 12- Master's Reviews to be included in Management review#8
1913 Jan 2011Ch 11- HSE Manual and Fleet Memos removed from list of controlled documents#9
1812 Jan 2011Ch 6- Vessel Manager duties described#8
177 Jan 2011Ch 3- In absence of full time HSE manager, responsibilities of that position reassigned#8
1621 Dec 2010Ch 1- ISM Code 2010 wording added#7
1521 Dec 2010SOP-GEN-007S- Revised bunkering procedures- fuel samples to be retained for 3 years#7
149 Dec 2010SOP-GEN-007G, H, I, J, U- New Special Permit forms#7
139 Dec 2010SOP-GEN-007L- Incident report form- use only NS5 format- delete paper form#7
129 Dec 2010Ch 6- Survival at Sea training only required for TDI crew#7
119 Dec 2010 SOP-GEN-006C- New Vessel Orientation Checklists- Contractors required to use PPE#7
109 Dec 2010Ch 11-No need to acknowledge Notices of Change#8
925 Oct 2010 SOP For Work At Heights #7
825 Oct 2010 SOP for Hot Work #7
725 Oct 2010 SOP for Energy Isolation #7
625 Oct 2010 Ch12 Company Review And Certification #7
525 Oct 2010 Ch11 Document Control And Distribution #7
425 Oct 2010 Ch9- Non Conformities #7
315 Oct 2010 Ch4 Designated Person #7
215 Oct 2010 Ch3 Company Responsibility And Authority #7
115 Oct 2010NOC 1: SMM Changed To Electronic Format ALL