Permit to Work System

TDI’s Permit to Work system is described in SOP-GEN-012B.   Welding is hot work and requires a permit.  Current permits are located on the ShipNet Forms page. A permit is required for the following types of operations.

Permit — SOP– When needed

  • Confined Space Entry [SOP-GEN-007G] is required when entering any Category 2 confined space
  • Energy Isolation [SOP-GEN-007I]   formerly known as Lockout/ Tagout or LOTO
  • Hot Work [SOP-GEN-2015C]  anything that produces a spark, including grinding and welding, qualifies as hot work
  • Working at Heights [SOP-GEN-007U] required any time a crewman’s feet will be 6 feet or more above the deck

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Additional Resources:

  • Hot Work in Shipyard– OSHA Quickcard
  • Computer based training “Lockout/ Tagout: Ensuring a Safe Work Environment”