Safety Management Manual Rev 0 – April 2020- Uncontrolled

The SMM on board the vessels and in the office (paper copies) are the OFFICIAL CONTROLLED copies.   The searchable  SMM on this page is for general reference only.


  1. Safety Management System
  2. Safety and Environmental Policy
  3. Company Responsibility and Authority
  4. Designated Person
  5. Master’s Responsibility and Authority
  6. Resources and Personnel
  7. Shipboard Operations
  8. Emergency Preparedness
  9. Non-Conformities
  10. Maintenance of Ship and Equipment
  11. Document Control and Distribution
  12. Company Verification, Review and Evaluation
  13. General Policies
  14. Risk Assessment and Hazard Mitigation

General Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Brooks McCall SOPs

Gyre SOPs

Proteus SOPs