Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

TDI’s Hazard Communication Plan, including the Unidentified Chemical Procedure,  is located in the Safety Management Manual.   Each vessel maintains its own SDS  and Chemical Lists.   The table is meant as a resource, not a comprehensive list of all chemicals in use on the vessels.

AcetoneBorax (Sodium Borate) Formaldehyde
Formalin- Buffered 10% FormaldehydeHydrochloric Acid
Hydrogen PeroxideHydrogenIsopropyl Alcohol
Nitric AcidNitrogenOxygen
Rose BengalSodium Borate Hydrate (Borax)Sulphuric Acid
Paint Locker
Adhesives/ Bonding/ CementsDensyl tape
Gorilla Glue- original
JB Weld KwikWeld
JB Steel Stick
Liquid Nails
JB Waterweld underwater cure
JB Under Water Cure Epoxy Putty Stick
Marine Epoxy syringe
Splash Zone epoxy Part A
Splash Zone epoxy Part B
Air Tool LubricantsACE- 3 in 1 Pneumatic Oil
ACE- All Season Pneumatic Oil
NAPA- ATL Air Tool Lubricant 756-1400
AntifreezeShellzone All Weather Antifreeze/ Coolant
Anti SiezeJet Lube Kopr KoteNever Seez- Regular Grade
Never Seez Hi Temp Stainless
Charcoal Lighter FluidGulf Lite
HEB brand
Cleaners/ Degreasers for Machinery3M- High Power Brake Cleaner
1400 Citrus Cleaner (formerly Right Stuff)
CRC- Heavy Duty Degreaser
CRC- Brakleen Brake Parts Cleaner
CRC- Cable Clean
CRC- QD Contact Cleaner
Goo Gone
Mac's Brake Cleaner
Mean Green Cleaner/ Degreaser
Nature's Way Degreaser
STP- Carb Spray Cleaner
Electrical/ Soldering/ WeldingCompressed Gasses:
Bernzomatic Mapp gas

ScotchKote 054007 Electrical Coating
Soldering Fluids:
Bakers Soldering Fluid UN 1766
FuelsDiesel Fuel- all typesGasoline- all grades
GalvanizersLPS Cold GalvanizeCROWN- Cold Galvanize Coating Zinc Rich 7007
Housekeeping SuppliesAir Fresheners:
Air Wick Freshmatic
Fabreeze Air Effects
Fabreeze Fabric Refresher

Bathroom and sink cleaners:
Comet with bleach
Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner with bleach
CLR Calcium Lime Rust Remover
Drano Max professional strength gel clog remover
Klean Drain
Lime Away
Liquid Plumr Clog Remover
Scrubbing Bubbles

Gain Original Fresh Liquid Laundry
Oxyclean stain remover, Oxyclean Detergent
Spray N Wash stain remover
Tide Original Powder
Fabuloso all purpose cleaner (does NOT disinfect)
Pine Sol All Purpose Cleaner
Pine Oil

Bakers Joy
Canola Oil Spray
Easy Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner
Pam Original Cooking Spray

Surface Cleaning:
Clorox Clean Up with Bleach
Formula 409
Lysol All Purpose Cleaner- all scents
Lysol Disinfectant Concentrate
Mean Green Cleaner and Degreaser
Liquid Metal Brite
Mr. Clean Multipurpose cleaner
Murphy Oil Soap (wood surfaces)
Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner
Clorox Clean Up
InsecticidesDemon WP Insecticide- soluble packet
Bengal Flying Insect killer
House and Garden bug killer
Ant and Roach killer
Wasp and Hornet killer
Lubricants, Penetrants, Grease and OilsBreak Free CLP Liquid
Mystik Hi Temp Grease #2
Mystik JT 6 Spray Grease
PB Blaster PB16

Shell Retinax Grease X2
Shell Rotella T Triple Protection 15w 40
Shell Tellus Hydraulic
CRC- Heavy Duty Silicone Lubricant
Liquid Wrench lube oil/ penetrant
MicroMist Lube with M-13
Rectorseal pipe thread sealant
Loctite 271 Thread seal
Loctite 565 Thread seal and lube
Refrigerant Compressor Oil WF68

ABRO- All purpose Fast Dry Spray PaintACE- Premium Enamel- Banner Red
ACE- Great Finish Varnish- Clear Gloss
ACE- Indoor Outdoor Enamel- Leather brown
ACE- Rust Stop- Oil Based Enamel spray paint
ACE- Rust Stop- Indoor/ Outdoor Enamel
- Flat Black
- Gloss White
- Hunter Green
Carbocoat 45 Industrial Enamel
KRYLON- Colormaster Indoor/ Outdoor- Flat BlackKRYLON- Interior/ Exterior Primer
-Grey Sandable
- Red Oxide
KRYLON- OSHA Safety Colors
- Blue
- Green
- Orange
- Purple
- Yellow
KRYLON Mark It Inverted Marking Paint
- Bright Blue
- Bright Yellow
- Orange Fluorescent
- Pink Fluorescent
PLASTIKOTE Engine Enamel
- Hot Rod Green
- Alpine Green
RUSTOLEUM Auto Enamel Gloss- ClearSPRAYON Quick Dry Laquer
PVC Primers/ Cements
Harvey's Purple PrimerMainline PVC Medium Bodied Low VOC Solvent CementOATEY
- Purple Primer
- PVC All Weather Clear Cement
Rust Converters/ Preventers
Drew Marine Rust Remover 0091486Klenko Rust ConverterLPS 3 Minute Premier Rust Inhibitor
CARBOLINE Thinner #10International Thinner GTA004Turpentine
PyrotechnicsMK Red Handlflare
MK9 Lifesmoke- Orange
Red Parachute Rocket 7
Ship Systems/ VariousAir Conditioner:
Coil Cleaner- Frost King
Fluorescent Gas Leak Detector

Batteries- wet lead acid
Battery Terminal Protector- NAPA

Caustic Soda- Metal finisher/ cleaner

Great Stuff Gaps and Crack Filler
Goo Gone
Goof Off VOC spray

Tank Treatments:
Piranha Powder sewage treatment
Chlorine Tablets
Cal Hypo Tablets (Calcium Hypochlorite)

TFE Paste (teflon for plumbing)