Attitude/ Behavior Based Safety

TDI’s Behavior Based Safety system emphasizes a team approach.  As it states in our company HSE commitment, we believe that, “Real safety will only be achieved through teamwork. Employees, contractors, clients and visitors must work together in promoting a safety attitude and taking
every reasonable measure to work in a safe and environmentally responsible

Safety Observation Cards are available on each vessel as a way for employees to communicate their observations and suggestions regarding the safety of their work environment and practices.   Observation cards are turned in to the First Mate, who reviews them with the crew during the next safety meeting and determines a resolution.

Additional ways we involve our employees in their own safety are through Job Safety Analysis, Toolbox Meetings, Management of Change, and STOP WORK authority.

Toolbox Talks: 

Videos & Video Sign in Sheet
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Additional Resources:

  • Computer based training “Behavior Based Safety”
  • Computer based training “Personal Injury Prevention: Building a Safety Culture”
  • Computer based training “Personal Injury Prevention: Work Safe, Stay Safe”