Bridge Memos

Bridge Memos are for bridge crew only.  They do not need to be posted to the general crew.

Bridge Memo #Date of IssueTopic
2724 Jun 2020TDI Binder System Update
2610 Feb 2020Only IT Dept can change computer/ Server systems
2521 Jan 2020Safety Alert- Crosby Shackles
2422 Sep 2016Drills - Tabletop vs. Full Dress Out
23Not ApplicableNot Applicable
2226 Feb 2016Masters Reviews and QMIs
2128 Jan 2016Recording and Tracking drills
2019 Jan 20162015 Masters Reviews
1912 Nov 2015Respirators Part of Monthly Inspections
181 Sep 2015Inflatable PFDs
1703 Apr 2015Engineers SOU and SOU Combined
1603 Mar 2015 Weekly Reports
1513 Jan 2015 Masters Reviews 2013-2014
1412 Jan 2015Fleet Incident Reports
13Not ApplicableNot Applicable
1207 Aug 2014Safety Observation Cards
1104 Aug 2012Dr and Dentist Visits
1020 July 2012Medical Emergency SOS
918 May 2012SMM 12.5 Released
818 May 2012Masters Reviews
710 May 2012Crew Quals Statement in Log Book
610 May 2012Sanitation Inspections
520 May 2012Changes in NS5
426 Jan 2017Masters Reviews
326 Jan 2017Lifting Color Chart
226 Jan 2017 Dry Dock Jobs
126 Jan 2017TDI Crewing Module