Fleet Memos

Fleet Memos are intended for all member’s of the ship’s complement and should be posted in a common area.

5615 Oct 2020New CSO and poster
5507 Jul 2020New Incident Forms
5424 Jun 2020Life Ring Buoys Inspection
5313 Feb 2020Marine Safety Awareness- CBD Use
5212 Feb 2020TDI Weather Resources
5113 Nov 2019New DPA & Port Captain
5013 Sep 2019Interim DPA and backup DPA named
4915 Feb 20192019 Core Safety Training
4813 Feb 2019Original Mariner's Documents
4724 Jan 2019Visitor Safety Briefing
463 Jan 20182018 Lift Gear Color Chart with Changes
4512 Jan 2017Changes to SEA
4403 June 2016Seamens Employment Agreement
4311 Dec 2014Risk Reviews Monthly Reports
4226 Sep 2014Non Conformities Guidance
4127 Aug 2014New Web Pages 14-8
4015 Aug 2014Medical Disclosure Form
3914 May 2014Smm Returns to Paper Format
3813 Apr 2014New Smm and Web Pages 14-3
3710 Mar 2014Turn In Weekly Hse Meeting Sign In Sheets
3611 Feb 2014Increased Hand Injuries
3511 Feb 2014New Smm and Webpages Updated
3405 Feb 2014 Ppe For Ospho Added to Matrix
3319 Dec 2013Lift Gear Sop Revised
3204 Nov 2013Knife Safety
3105 Sep 2013Vessels Responsible for Their Own Cars
3002 Sep 2013New Dpa
2905 July 2013In Port Watch Procedures
287 May 2013 Revised Hazcom Plan
2708 April 20132012 Masters Reviews
2605 Apr 2013Safety Training for New Employees
2518 Feb 2013 Clarification of Hot Work
2426 Nov 2012confined-spaces-policy-revised
2326 Nov 2012 Confined Spaces Policy Revised
2203 Feb 2013Layup Vs Waiting for Work
2115 Jan 2013Mrsa Awareness
2026 Nov 2012Official Voyage Plan
1920 Nov 2012New Permits
1826 Nov 2012Oil Record Book and Mepc Attachment
1705 Sep 2012New Resupply Procedures
1605 Sep 2012Drug and Alcohol Release Form
1523 Aug 2012Fuel Sight Glass With Incident
1416 Jun 2011Uscg Mooring Lines
1310 April 2018Grinding Accident Never Sent
124 May 2011General Update For 2010
1124 Nov 2010Safe Practices When Working Alone
1024 Nov 2010Uscg Forms 2692 and 2692b in Emergency
923 Oct 2010Permit Procedures
815 Oct 2010Smm and Hse Manuals Electronic
712 Mar 2010Bridge Log Books
69 Jan 2011Toolbox Meetings
51 Jun 2009Two Deckman Hand Sutures
49 Jun 2009Gx Fire On Deck Acetylene Hose
3 15 Jun 2009Fuel Spill in the Water Bmc
29 Mar 2009Eng Rm Fire at Dock
18 Oct 2008Falling-Overboard-At-Dock